Best Beginnings is a national charity working to address social inequalities by ensuring that all children in the UK have the best start in life.

We work collaboratively to design, develop and distribute evidence-based, quality-assured, digital and non-digital resources. We support the parent-professional partnership and empower parents with greater self-efficacy and to be more attuned to their babies’ needs.

Baby Buddy, our multi-award-winning intervention, in the form of a fun yet functional parenting app, offers easy-to-understand, personalised information, advice, video clips and tools throughout pregnancy and the early stages of parenting. Baby Buddy is most effective when used during and in between appointments.

Our studio presentation (B4, day 1) is an opportunity to learn about the theoretical frameworks that underpinned the development of Baby Buddy and see data on the impact of Baby Buddy in England. You’ll hear how Best Beginnings is collaborating with multi-disciplinary professionals in Europe to create Baby Buddy Cyprus and how Baby Buddy Australia is being developed to support the implementation of the Safer Baby Bundle.