Rebeccah Bartlett

Nurse, Midwife and PhD Candidate

Monash University, Australia

Passionate about reducing health disparities in underserved communities and promoting respectful maternity care, Beccah is a Registered Nurse-Midwife and Ph.D. candidate at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation in Melbourne, Australia.

Rebeccah applies an intersectional and mixed-methodological lens to all her research. This includes community-based participatory research, anthropological and geographic-based inquiry, human-centered design workshops and basic health and technological literacy questionnaires to determine the social and spatial influences to accessing health care that often goes unnoticed using traditional data collection methods.

In 2015, Beccah founded the Shifra app. Shifra is a digital health intervention that has been co-designed to improve access to quality sexual and reproductive health care for refugees and new migrants. It provides local, evidence-based health information in multiple languages for communities with varying levels of language and health literacy. Shifra also directs users to trusted clinics where they can access respectful and safe care. Beccah works with local health networks to improve their existing services based on the self-identified health needs found in Shifra’s anonymous user trend data. You can find Shifra at