David Hutchon

David JR Hutchon

BSc(Med Sci), MB, ChB, FRCOG

As a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Darlington Memorial Hospital for 28 years, David Hutchon started investigating the circulation and respiration at birth and the effect of early cord clamping in 2003.  He has since published and lectured extensively on the subject and co-operating with UK and international colleagues developed equipment and ways of providing neonatal resuscitation at the side of the mother without clamping the cord; this practice is gradually being adopted in a few units around the world.

He has published numerous articles on the subject explaining how early cord clamping disrupts the neonatal circulation, may contribute to neonatal morbidity and leads to the separation of mother and baby.  He has co-authored a chapter on neonatal care immediately after birth, co-authored two Cochrane systematic reviews, and  has organised five international conferences dedicated to the subject of delayed cord clamping and motherside neonatal resuscitation.