Winnie Shena

National Nurses Association of Kenya, Reproductive Health

Kenya Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, Reproductive Health, Kenya

A Nurse-Midwife and Community Health Specialist, the National Deputy Coordinator FIGO-KOGS PPIUD Initiative in Kenya since 2015. System Quality Improvement (CQI) expert, an in Country Faculty for CQI. An expert in policy formulation, review and implementation process. Immediate past president of the Nurses Association of Kenya and former director advocacy Kenya health care federation, private sector board for health in Kenya. Member of the technical working group for the Nursing Council of Kenya.

Alumni of: Global Nursing Leadership Institute (ICN) Geneva: Grants management Strathmore Business School Kenya; Evidence informed health policy University of Nairobi, she holds a Masters’ Degree in community health and health systems from Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) Graduate degree in Nursing and Midwifery from the Agakhan University.

Technical lead in the review of the scope of practice for nurses and midwives in Kenya to provide for the PPIUD practice (on going). A PPIUD trainer, a PPIUD mentor of mentors and a researcher with a focus on operational research.

A specialist and a trainer in the CQI methodology and the implementation of the DMAIC framework with a focus on cross cadre collaboration. She has supported over 13 PEPFAR sites to successfully implement CQI initiatives that produced: scalable, cost effective and replicable results not only for the site of implementation but also for other hospital departments

Formerly she led other professionals towards the review of the health bill currently the Health ACT, the review of the scheme of service for Nursing personnel May 2014. An advocate and avid champion against harmful practice like female genital mutilation, child marriage and gender based violence in her community.