Liselotte Kweekel

International Policy Advisor

Midwife, Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives

As an independent midwife, Liselotte has worked in several midwifery practices in the Netherlands since 2009.

She loves midwifery and feels privileged to be able to support women at such an important period of their life.  She combines her midwifery experience and anthropological (MSc) knowledge in her work as international policy advisor at the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV).

Liselotte’s key interest liesin cross-cultural working and she has led several twinning projects internationally. She has not only seen and developed, but personally experienced how to build, strong professional communities through twinning.

Liselotte was introduced to Twinning as a student midwife when she participated as ‘twin’ in a project between the Dutch and Sierra Leonean midwifery organisations. She was inspired by the skills learned from her Sierra Leonean colleague midwives and by the power of sharing experiences cross-culturally. Together they found creative solutions to strengthen midwifery in both countries. Since then she has led twinning projects between Dutch, Icelandic and Moroccan midwives and has advised others involved in twinning globally.