Zoe Wright


The Real Birth Company

Zoe is a Registered Midwife and graduated from Birmingham City University. At the heart of her practice is choice, respect and dignity.

Working in various hospital environments her passion has always been in advocacy and educating women and later in her career, supporting midwives and promoting confidence in autonomous practice.

In 2017, she founded The Real Birth Company and Real Birth Studio after writing a training programme for midwives and birth professionals. The Real Birth Programme has been designed to support autonomous teaching and supporting all birth in all birth environments. This course holds two national accreditations and has several connected positive outcomes. This course has been adopted by hospitals and individuals around the UK and Ireland.

With a focus on; the physical and biomechanics of birth; supporting birth in all settings; the response of the endocrine system and the psychological effects on these systems.

In 2018 she won an award for her work and recognition for the steps made into introducing the programme into hospitals around the UK.

Zoe believes that all women should have access to evidence based antenatal education, and has developed a multilingual online digital platform that is accessible to women and their birth partners from all backgrounds, that supports choice and understanding.

She also believes that to support women and their partners, midwives and childbirth educators need to feel empowered and supported themselves. The Real Birth Workshop, which it is known as; continues to grow and support women and it’s teachers all across the UK and now in other countries.