Stacey O’Brien

Director and Facilitator

A Kiss From An Angel, Australia

Since the stillbirth of her son, Finn in 2002 Stacey O’Brien has shared her inspiration journey through grief with midwives, nurses and the bereaved. This journey has been healing for Stacey and the hundreds of people she has worked with. “A Kiss From An Angel” has become a beautiful healing tool and a valuable insight into both the bereaved mother and fathers journey through grief. While sharing this healing through grief Stacey created “The Healers Workbook” which is a valuable resource for midwives and nurses and offers valuable self-care practises for these health workers. Over the last 15 years Stacey has facilitated many workshops on healing grief and self-care for midwives and has recently been involved with simulated midwifery education including role playing as the bereaved mother. This brave and insightful glimpse is a valuable resource for the health industries and a project Stacey is passionate about.

With over 25 years as a Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructor, Stacey combines holistic health with mental health and suicide prevention training and offers a unique style of Holistic Health Care for the people in the health industry who look after us so well. Although they are fantastic at their jobs they, as an industry “do not look after themselves with self-care very well.”

Stacey is a brave and inspiring speaker and is passionate about innovation in midwifery education and self-care. Honouring the people that created such beautiful healing in her life.