Janine McKnight-Cowan BEM

Queens Nurse Project Health Visitor

Lately; Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services NHS Foundation Trust

Describing herself as an authentic speaker, Janine is now semi-retired after 40 years of clinical practice. Winner of prestigious nursing awards, she is now working independently in support of education, training and professional development.

As a recognised innovator she has embraced ideas learnt in practice and put reality in practice to the test. Creating tools for safeguarding and clinical resources for surgically delivered women.

Janine challenges the status quo, pushes boundaries and hopes to inspire colleagues and other clinicians to achieve their growth and practice in an environment where quality and professional safety are paramount.

Janine believes innovation is not just about that ‘ah ha’ moment, it is about the nitty-gritty of getting that idea to be implemented and accepted.

Janine is hoping to leave the delegates today with some thought-provoking safety in practice information today.